The home your precious memories deserve.


About AArora ShowCase

Our unique boxes combine handmade craftsmanship with the art of photography for the preservation and display of the events of a lifetime. Whether it be a wedding, birth, or other milestone event or recognition there is an AArora ShowCase that will be the perfect fit.

We strive to carry a large inventory of available boxes with customizable interiors, and of course we would be delighted to create a custom AArora 1/1 from your own unique specifications.

Offered through select photographers and event professionals, we currently serve the markets of Beverly Hills and Orange Coast in California and will shortly be adding a partner in London (UK). We will expand to other markets as capacity allows. Inquiries are always welcome.

About Alan Arora

Both professionally and personally Alan has been interested in photography, printing, and preservation, from his earliest days with Xerox and involvement in the first digital printing technologies coming to market.

Alan's entrepreneurial spirit has been evident throughout his 25 plus year career as a CEO and Product Development Executive working in a number of high profile companies. Finally he has developed an idea he felt so passionate about, he decided to pursue it himself: AArora ShowCase.

As a lifetime collector of ephemera of special events, when the time came to gather the artifacts of his recent marriage he became intrigued with the challenge of trying to both preserve and elegantly display the memories of the day with friends and loved ones.

Guessing he was not alone in this predicament of preserving and presenting the mementoes of lifetime events, Alan spoke to colleagues, friends, conducted market research, and concluded there was an exciting opportunity to create a unique home for the photos, media, and artifacts an "event of a lifetime" typically generates.

Working very closely with master woodworking craftsmen around the country and incorporating anti-moisture safeguards,  the AArora ShowCase was painstakingly developed. After more than a year of many iterations and prototypes, the four collections in the luxury product line debuted in September 2014. Welcome to the AArora ShowCase!