FAQ for Professionals

Note: We also have Frequently Asked Questions for your clients here.

How are AArora ShowCase boxes different from other keepsake box options I can offer my clients?

Each ShowCase boxes is handcrafted by a skilled artisan in North America, there is no mass manufacturing. The boxes are highly customizable, allowing for a myriad (or limited, if that is your preference) of design choices to be selected by either you or your client. The boxes house virtually any size of album. For example, if you offer your clients more than one album size option, the boxes' interiors will adjusted to their selection. Beyond their unique one-of-a-kind beauty, each box offers superior protection from humidity and moisture by incorporating Dri-box technology. Your client's memories will also be protected by the special super dense, closed-cell conductive foam which lines the interior. This premium material is archival, acid-free and absorbs static electricity, a combination creating an environment that ensures your client's memories are preserved not only for your enjoyment but for the enjoyment of generations to come.

May I create a customized box sold exclusively to my clients?

Yes! Let us help you create your own "Signature Model," including customized business options. 

How are orders placed?

Depending on how involved you would like to be in the process, boxes may be ordered by you or your client may contact us directly, either way you get paid. The two high and low involvement scenarios are explained here.

How does billing and commissions work?

Like placing orders, your involvement in billing is up to you, depending on your preference. We can quote you a price and you may set the price for your clients at your own discretion, for example bundling the box with other products and services you provide. On the other hand, we can quote the final price to your client and upon full payment, we pay you: 35% of total for inventoried product or 30% of total for custom product.

What do I (or my clients) need to pay up front?

We typically take a $500 deposit to secure either a box in inventory or the raw materials to create a custom ShowCase. Individual requirements may vary.

How is shipping handled?

We can ship directly to your customer, or to you, whichever is your preference. Shipping costs will be quoted as part of the final invoice, based on carrier and delivery method desired. There is no charge to ship to you

May I have samples for my showroom?

We havee a number options for providing samples. Please contact Alan Arora personally to discuss: alan@aarora-showcase.com or +1-424-832-9046.

What if I want to use albums I have already created for my clients?

No problem, our boxes are highly customizable to almost any album size. Our super dense, closed-cell foam not only protects the album from the elements, it may also be shaped to fit nearly any sized object, including your existing one.

What is turnaround time for production?

If you to customize a ShowCase from our existing inventory, once we receive any required items such as text images, you may expect a finished product within 30 days. Please ask us for assistance with rush orders to meet special dates such as an anniversary or holiday. Custom orders building a ShowCase from scratch typically take around 90 days.

What is the Warranty?

We unconditionally guarantee our ShowCase products for life against any defects in workmanship. The warranty can be between us or between your client and AArora ShowCase, as desired.

What is your return policy?

We want you and your client to be absolutely delighted with the finished ShowCase. We have a meticulous quality control process and will endeavor to remedy any defect that may have inadvertently gone undetected, or accept a return if it cannot be remediated.