Handcrafted boxes for America's baseball hereos

As we mentioned back in May, we've been creating a special box for Baseball Hall of Fame inductees.

AArora ShowCase has been working with a master craftsman in upstate New York, coincidentally just 75 miles from the Hall of Fame, creating a customized box adapted from the American Classic Leadership Collection. These boxes are painstakingly handcrafted of solid cherry in the same traditional style for the last 200 years, a seemingly perfect fit to honor the greatest players from 140+ years of baseball history. 

Making the HOF Boxes 1.jpg
Making the HOF Boxes 6.jpg
Making the HOF Boxes 10.jpg
Making the HOF Boxes 11.jpg

What began as a small project for the group of 2015 inductees (the amazing lineup of Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio) became a much larger project celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Hall of Fame as a whole. 

Working closely with Hall of Fame staff, AArora ShowCase is thrilled to be providing a customized box for all living inductees and widows of inductees.